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5 Wedding Trends I Am Loving For Fall 2022

Hi there, my wonderful wed-to-be!

I'm going to be honest here, I am not hugely fond of the term "trend" when speaking of weddings (seriously I'm cringing), since I believe that your wedding day should be a unique reflection of you and your lover. But I understand that as you're planning a wedding, you are also searching for those super special wedding day touches to incorporate into your wedding day, and for some, Google searching this years hot, new wedding trends is their very best effort at getting their creative juices flowing.

In hopes to get your gears turning, I have noted a few of my personal favorite current wedding trends that I predict will stick around for Fall 2022.

01. Alternative Florals

Fabulous floral installations are officially in for 2022, and I am here for it! Suspended untamed florals and wild table garlands, or single bloom vases and bouquets peppered with exotic botany, alternative florals are stealing the show and becoming more and more expressive. This year, florals have shifted from casual decorative additions, to carefully-curated and elaborate statement pieces, and I project this trend here to stay for the later months of 2022.

02. Long Wedding Weekends

The wedding industry has already begun to see a rise in popularity of weddings extending the bound of a single day, for in 2022 the typical wedding day, is slowly shifting into weekend long celebrations. Consisting of extravagant welcome parties and special guest entertainment, full wedding weekends are making a come up, and, without a doubt, a statement. Some couples are saying ‘the more, the merrier’ when determining what their wedding celebration looks like, and I mean come on, why wouldn't you want to spend the entire weekend celebrating your unity in love with all your favorite people?

03. Specialty Bars

So long, to basic wedding bars! Couples are now looking for wedding bar service that brings a memorable guest experience to their wedding day. Champagne towers, personalized mobile bars, and specialty coffee carts are making the come up in 2022, insinuating that couples are craving that creative beverage opportunity. Couples are, now more than ever, dreaming big in the realm of guest experience at their wedding celebration. I see Fall 2022 being the season of specialty bars, and boy do I love the sound of that!

04. Bold Color Palettes

There's no question that bold and eclectic wedding color schemes have stolen the show after a brief transition from muted color palettes in the past several years. In fact, out-of-box boldness is on the agenda for all wedding design regards for Fall 2022. There has been a certain upsurge in split complimentary color pairings, as well as monochromatic color combinations, making for an unexpected design factor and I see this to be true for the rest of the year.

05. Themed Parties

Another hot topic of the year, is wedding theming! Themed weddings have been around for years, but a certain creative excitement around event cohesion has brought a new wave of popularity in the way couples consider themed weddings. A highly notable theme for the classic duo, is the Brigerton-inspired wedding theme, featuring the signature Prussian blue color, and elaborate lace and ruffles, that I expect to ensue throughout Summer 2022. Yet, I believe that a new age of wedding themes will take the stage in Fall 2022, and I simply can't wait!

No matter the trend you research, find, and love, I want to encourage you to personalize that what you find to truly reflect you and your lover! But don't be afraid to push the limits and exceed the bounds of tradition, because, this years 'craziest concepts', will be next years hot, new trends!


Rachelle Nix

Owner & Lead Planner | Embellish Event Co


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