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8 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Wedding Planner

If you're reading this, I believe a 'Congratulations' is in order!

You're officially a wed-to-be and now you're squabbling with the inescapable question that follows every perfect proposal: Should I hire a wedding planner?

The thought can be intimidating, and I get it because choosing someone to journey through such a highly emotional and intimate endeavor of planning the best day of your life is almost as important as choosing the certain someone you will spend the rest of your life with. Yep, I said it. The relationship between you and your wedding planner ranks high up there with the precious position of your future spouse.

Well not exactly, but you get what I'm saying. The relationship you have with your wedding planner is really important, and that is why I am here to answer your questions, and put an end to the debate of whether you need a wedding planning professional or not.

So, what does a wedding planner do anyway?

01. Helps You Navigate Price Tags

You've probably never planned a wedding before, and therefore it can be extremely difficult to know what to expect when it comes to the wedding day price tag. Even the most budget-savvy humans can find it hard to determine the reasonability behind the cost of wedding planning, and that's where a wedding professional comes in! Because of their experience in the industry, a wedding planner will have a good idea of what you should expect and how to secure all your wants and wishes within the bounds of your budget.

8 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Wedding Planner

02. Serves As A Neutral Party

Between you, your future spouse, moms, aunts, and strangers, every wedding planning dynamic is bound to bring differing opinions and perspectives on how your wedding day should be. I'm convinced that a qualified alternative for the title of "Wedding Planner" could be "Therapist". No, but really, emotions can run high around the wedding planning process, and what you need is someone to lay out all the information, and aid you in finding a middle ground that satisfies all the involved parties.

03. Offers Creative Expertise

Although wedding planners offer a multitude of creative assets to your wedding planning process, one of the most important duties as a wedding planner is to serve as a personal inspiration sounding board! While you are building the Pinterest board of your dreams, a wedding planner is listening to you paint the picture of your big day, offering valuable design feedback and recommendations, and executing the vision on your behalf.

04. Keeps Your Eye On The Big Picture

A wedding planning professional will help you navigate through the roadblocks and bumps that may arise on the road to planning your dream wedding day. Maybe your favorite flowers aren't in season, or your favorite decor item was discontinued, do not fret because the role of a wedding planner is to find creative solutions that satisfy you, and keep your eyes on the prize!

05. Alleviates Stress + Saves Time

The wedding industry is vast and varied, and when it comes to searching for your specific wedding day wants and wishes, a wedding planner is invaluable in saving you precious time and keeping your stress minimal. While you are enjoying the sheer bliss of engagement parties, a wedding planner is executing the strenuous research, connecting and interviewing potential vendors, and narrowing down your options so that you can comfortably make a painless and qualified decision.

06. Manages The Masses

Vendors, attendants, & family....oh my! A wedding planner will be the team captain of your wedding day so that you won't have to. Which is the best news ever. The direction, management, and coordination of all these VIP wedding day persons will free you from answering to vendors, corralling wedding attendants, and handling awkward family dynamics.

07. Provides Invaluable References

Wedding planners offer a wide range of industry insight to help you secure vendors that they have professional experience. While you express your needs, the planner plays matchmaker, paring you with industry professionals that will work to achieve your vision. And not to state the obvious, but if a wedding planning professional believes that the vendor provides satisfactory services, then you are bound to be impressed by what they offer!

08. Ensures You Enjoy The Process

A wedding day is not only the pinnacle of your unique love story, but also the culmination of months and months of planning, preparing, and perfecting. You deserve to enjoy it. Let me say it louder for those in the back... YOU DESERVE TO ENJOY IT. You're getting married for goodness sake! A wedding planner will give you a feeling of security so that you can sit back with your babe, a glass of your favorite wine, and simply enjoy the sweetness of the wed-to-be season.

I hope is that this list of invaluable assets that a wedding planner brings, will help you in your decision to either take the reins and do it yourself, or rely on a dedicated righthand (wo)man to ensure that your wedding planning experience is nothing but dreamy, stress-free, and blissful!


Rachelle Nix

Owner & Lead Planner | Embellish Event Co


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